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Our Story

The outdoors inspires me to live my best life, do everything with passion and intent, and to love every moment of my journey. I feel more alive than ever and am thankful every day for what the outdoors has given me. Connecting with nature daily gives me the freedom to explore and the encouragement to be mindful. 

My strong awareness and passion for the outdoors at an early age eventually led me to a life-long career in Environmental Engineering. I have always been curious and so determined.  It didn’t matter how many STEM Program setbacks there were. How many people were going to say no. How few women there were in my field. I wanted to be a chemical engineer with a subspecialty in Environmental Engineering. Nothing else mattered. My environmental career eventually led me to Boulder in 2000.

Living at high-altitude created the necessity for high performance skincare products that would protect my sensitive skin every day in both a professional work setting and for outdoor adventures. I tried many sunscreen products but they often left me sunburned at high altitudes and with break outs or rashes.  When my daughter was born, she too was blessed with extremely sensitive skin, more sensitive than my own. I was so frustrated by all the “hypoallergenic”, “baby-safe”, “organic”, “natural”, “craft” products on the market that I tried on her. None of these products worked or they caused irritation.  I was eventually moved to create my own products to help protect and heal both her and my sensitive skin.

In search of better and gentler skincare, I used my background in chemical engineering and teamed with reputable U.S. laboratories to create safe and effective formulas with the highest quality ingredients available. Each product only contains ingredients that serve a purpose, have been proven to be effective and non-toxic, and work in the harshest of conditions at high altitude. I created these products for myself, my daughter and everyone else struggling to find the daily protection they need for their sensitive skin.

I also wanted to create a socially responsible company devoted to helping people connect with and enjoy the outdoors while feeling confident they have thoroughly protected skin. KLAR does this by providing safe high performance products, respecting the environment, and giving back to the community. Our focus is on our customers and creating products that work for them.   

I hope you feel inspired to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with our products!


Monika Dinges, KLAR Founder and Chemical Engineer