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Our Name

We are dedicated to clear. That’s why we made it our name. “KLAR” (pronounced kuh-lar) is Norwegian for “clear”. Norwegian culture highly values both honesty and nature, so we infuse these principles into our business practices. We’re clear about the ingredients we use, clear on how our products benefit your skin and clear on how we treat our community and the environment.

Norway’s cultural practice of Friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts- liv) has been a central part of our Founder's family’s heritage and well-being. This Nordic philosophy is a popular way of life in Scandinavia and encourages you to enjoy nature and appreciate the outdoors while being active. It is as central to the Norwegian way of life as it is to ours here in Colorado.

The Nordic region is one of the harshest, most unfriendly climates on the planet, yet their approach to skin care is simple: focus on straightforward, and functional preventative care. They (and us at KLAR) favor honest, science backed and safe to use pharmaceutical grade products without the frills or unrealistic beauty/anti-aging promises often promoted elsewhere. Like Norway, Colorado has a harsh and unforgiving climate. 300+ days of sunshine a year and high altitudes with excess UV radiation resulting in skin cancer diagnosis rates higher than the national average. As such, our mission is to encourage and help our customers experience the great outdoors safely with simple, pharmaceutical grade preventative sun care. At our essence, KLAR is a clear, straightforward and socially responsible brand with a commitment to making the outdoors accessible and skin safe.