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Sunsafe Kids Program

Young, sensitive skin is especially vulnerable to damaging UV rays. Just a few serious sunburns can increase a child's risk of cancer later in life. KLAR is dedicated to reducing the incidence of skin cancer through teaching and promoting sun protection to children. KLAR believes that all children should have access to safe nontoxic sunscreen. We started our Sunsafe Kids Program to help with this mission.

KLAR offers very generous discounts for schools, camp programs, and nonprofits that have a need for NSF Certified organic sunscreen for kids and teens with sensitive skin that may not be able to use traditional sunscreen products with chemical active ingredients. The goal of our school & camp program is to provide a safe zinc oxide based organic sunscreen alternative to keep all kids sunsafe. We implement this program at a significant discount and, if funding allows, we can provide these products free of charge to nonprofits. We will work with your individual program to help you meet your needs. Please contact us at info@klarmedical.com to discuss program options.

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