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Serious Skin Protection.


Versatile. Multiethnic. Nontoxic. Year-Round Sun Protection.


We All Belong. Choose Outside.

Our mission is to help protect the largest organ of your body — your skin. We created professional grade nontoxic cosmetically appealing sunscreen products for sensitive skin that work for a variety of needs, from low key everyday endeavors to epic adventures at high altitude. Our products offer year-round preventative care for your skin formulated to help greatly reduce your risk of sun damage and skin cancer. From mountain summits to high deserts to beaches, we got you covered. Thank you for visiting!

We offer our products for sale to individual customers, schools/camp programs, nonprofits, retailers, and large organizations. We donate 10% back to Local Community Programs.

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I just wanted to give you feedback on your product. I'm now just one of many who love your product but wanted you to know how awesome I think it is.

My fiance and I are ultra runners. We both run long distance races in the summer. I run 100 mile races in triple digit heat and have not found a sunscreen product that could give me the protection that I've needed. Until I tried your product. My fiancee has suffered from pigment issues on his face and hands and has NEVER found a product that can provide proper coverage until he tried your product. He has used zinc based products and had to apply them so thick that he was called "the joker" at races due to all the zinc on his face. He loves your products because he can have the coverage with your product, not worry about getting a sunburn and doesn't have to look like something out of a horror movie to achieve it. I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador and tried your product from the 13'rs half marathon in Boulder this past June. I was given a sample bottle and we began using it immediately once I arrived home in Oklahoma. I run in the summer in the heat. I run all my miles in the afternoon or early evening when it is the hottest so I can prepare myself for running for up to 30 hours in triple digit heat so I am always in the full summer sun. Most people think I'm a bit crazy, but I love running in the heat. I love the challenge of the hot summer time ultra races. Your sunscreen in wonderful. It provides just the right amount of coverage without feeling heavy. It has never burned my eyes like other products have and your product lasts so much longer than anything else I've tried. I used your products exclusively for my annual 100 mile race this past July. It gave me great coverage and I didn't get even the smallest amount of sun. I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I just placed an order for me and my son who will be running the Florida Keys 100 mile race next May. He is more fair skinned than I am and I know this product will work well for him also. I tell everyone I know about your product. The running community always asks what products I use for sunscreen and I always tell them about yours. I absolutely believe your company produces the best products for sunscreen. Thank you so much! 

Eva M., Tulsa, Oklahoma

As a kid I lived outside from dawn till dusk. I stayed outside playing competing sports throughout my 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s. Then, I got skin cancer. I’ve had 3 extensive Moh’s surgeries for Basal Cell Carsinoma (skin cancer) on my face! With extremely sensitive skin, only a few options were offered by my dermatologists and surgeons. All those products were greasy, sweat off easily or made me breakout!!! I discovered KLAR Pure Mineral SPF 47 from Skirts Sports President Nicole Deboom, who highly recommended it. As you can see from my history I would be extremely hesitant to try a new product on my skin. I have to plan when to try a product as I could break out instantly, have an extremely painful reaction to chemicals, and more. So, I “planned” and found time to try it after researching it thoroughly. 
From first touch of applying it through wearing it for full days of activities, I am amazed! It is THE MOST gentle product on my skin, dries clear, looks fantastic and works! My skin is now finally protected and I am 100% confident in this product. I can now live outdoors again and fully enjoy life as I like.
Thank you, thank you, thank you KLAR!

Paula S.

I’ve been a swim instructor for the last fifteen years, often working in the pool for up to 20 hours a week. I spend a ton of time in the sun and go through a lot of sunscreen. Recently I switched to using KLAR’s Clear Mineral Face SPF 45 and love it. It is non-greasy, which is fantastic because my skin takes a beating in the sun and chlorinated water. It has a very faint, light scent that reminds me of the face cream my Mom would use when I was a kid. The lotion seems to soak into my skin instead of sit on top of it, so my face feels hydrated. Also, and most importantly, I have yet to experience “sunscreen eye burn” with this product. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been teaching in the pool, had a kid splash me in the face (which I'm cool with), but then sunscreen ends up in my eyes and instantly caused a lot of pain and irritation, thus interrupting my lesson. KLAR’s product hasn’t done that to me yet after a month of daily use. Finally, an SPF product I don’t have to dread putting on in the morning! :)

Lauren A.

As a mom it is important to me that what I use on my kids has no toxic ingredients and is easy to put on. I live in Arizona where the sun shines 365 days a year. I’m constantly using sunscreen on my kids 24/7, so applying it several times a day on squirming children. I’ve been looking for a NSF certified organic sunscreen for a long time that is 100% organic. And these are super hard to find!!! Our pediatrician said to look for the NSF logo products which are the real certified organic products and super safe. This sunscreen is all NSF certified and not as super thick and goopy like all the other organic or mineral sunscreens I have tried, like Badger or Supergoop. It was easy to put on me and the kids. All it took was dabbing a few dots and little rubbing and it went on clear and matte just like that! It did take a few minutes to put on and spread it out, but it did go on smoothly. It was worth the little extra time versus spraying my kids with toxic aerosol sunscreen sprays which are apparently known health hazards and were not recommended by my pedetrician. And the shea butter based ingredients were nourishing to my kids skin and it did not irritate my kids eyes or make them break out. My kids actually like this one...that alone makes it a win!


Being diagnosed with stage 2 Melanoma last year my skincare and especially my sunscreen has become my #1 priority! Not only did the KLAR Clear Mineral Face SPF 45 completely even out my skin tone but it also got rid of my flaky skin that this Colorado weather can bring. This product is the first thing I put on every morning!

Ashley Y.

I have been anxiously awaiting the launch of this product [KLAR's organic Pure Zinc Oxide SPF 30] and ordered as soon as it was available. Despite the extreme heat and humidity the sunscreen stayed in place during my 10 mile run and all day at the ballfield. Excited to try the All Season Face lotion for every day use.

J. Smith

I absolutley LOVE this [KLAR Clear Mineral SPF 45 - Spray Pump] product for the daily MTB adventures. Living in the mountains, skinscare and cancer prevention is always on my mind. I am out in the conditions every day and have been taking closer care to what products I'm using. I am calm and confident stepping out into the outdoors now with a quality sunscreen that I feel protected. Additionally, I love how it easily blends in and leaves no residue.

Karen J.

Finally a sunscreen with high quality ingredients that I'm willing to apply to my skin. Goes on light and dries quickly, no greasy feeling. It's fragrance free which is great because I don't want to smell my sunscreen during my entire run. Thanks for all of your hard work to create this product. Product reviewed: KLAR's organic Pure Zinc Oxide SPF 30 Sunscreen.


KLAR gave me a sample of their product in support of the Running Start program in Colorado. I was skeptical but only because I have sensitive skin and I wear sun screen with the knowledge that I will break out. Because of that, I usually avoid using sun screens on my face whenever possible. 

I decided to give this one a try and have not had a break out because of sun screen!! I’ve used it multiple times now as I’m out walking training for my first 5K. I am now putting sun block on to protect my face. At first I worried about the white color but it fades in quickly. It has a nice matte texture. Thank you, thank you, KLAR!

R. Stevenson

I live at 8,500 feet, and this is my go-to sunscreen for all of my adventures. It's the perfect combination of extended skin protection without the greasy or runny residue. When applied it dries clear and matte. As an avid outdoors enthusiast who lives at altitude, I need a sunscreen product that is reliable, and this is the ONE! It's light weight, and easy to travel with. It has become an essential item in my travel pack.

Heather P.

Non greasy, smooth, non-scented pure sunscreen. Easy to rub in for zinc oxide. Great for extended wear in the lake and on the trails. A little goes a long way. Great product. Planning to make this my go-to sunscreen from now on.  Product reviewed: KLAR's organic Pure Zinc Oxide SPF 30 Sunscreen.

Sara S.

I used my SPF 45 [KLAR Clear Mineral Face SPF 45] outside all afternoon, it stayed put, didn’t melt off my skin with the heat— and kept my skin from getting burned at 8,500 ft. I am super happy with this product and recommend it for anyone looking for a quality protective skincare product. Very nice!

Michelle K.

This is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever put on my face! It's is so creamy and moisturizing without being sticky or greasy. It offers superior protection and does so well under makeup that I have replaced my primer with it. This product now has a permanent place in my daily routine. Product Reviewed: KLAR Clear Mineral Face SPF 45 sunscreen.

Jennifer O.